Naumen Workforce Management
Switching from efficient shift scheduling
to efficient personnel management

Naumen Workforce Management Efficient workforce planning and labor cost optimization

Naumen WFM enables to allocate workforce by shifts, thus improving to the maximum effect service quality of companies in different industries. It uses historical data to forecast workload and develops optimal staff schedules subject to workforce demand, employee qualifications, events, company’s regulations and employee preferences. Our clients cut labor costs by 8 to 15% and return implementation expenditures within time period of 8 to 12 months.

Why our clients choose Naumen WFM?

It is an easy-to -use and flexible tool with a user-friendly interface, which is not difficult and costly to implement. Our solution delivers:

High accuracy


A user-friendly
web interface

Accounting for
employee preferences

A mobile application
and access from any device

Availability of on-premises
and cloud Installation options

Methodological and subject
understanding of WFM

What tasks Naumen WFM solves

  • Accurately forecasts personnel demand and optimal workload
  • Enables efficient worktime management
  • Provides both a web-based and a mobile application interfaces
  • Controls attendance and tracks work time
  • Calculates labor requirements and staffing demand
  • Delivers real-time workforce analytics
  • Integrates with company’s software like ERP, HCM, BI, POS, etc.

Additionsl benefits

  • Allows convenient switch to flexible schedules
  • Enables active use and management of outstaffing
  • Plans employee learning on workplaces
  • Gives increased sales conversion
  • Handles preferences of new generation employees
  • Increases personnel loyalty
  • Saves TOP management time

Naumen WFM products

Naumen WFM is a universal platform, which unites several services and components; it is a framework that helps to quickly implement solutions focused on specific tasks of clients from various industries.

  • Using Big Data analytics (traffic, sales checks)
  • Workload forecasting
  • Staff schedule planning and work time recording
  • Biometrics-based work time recording
  • Outsourced personnel management

Naumen WFM Functionality


  • Up-to-date forecasting models with a detailed breakdown up to 15 minutes
  • Quick adjustment and reforecasting
  • Accounting of historical data, external factors and their impact on SL


  • Quick generation of optimal schedules
  • Automatic accounting of the preset rules and restrictions
  • Accounting of employees’ multi-skills

Management and control

  • A user-friendly interface for on-line monitoring of workplace attendance
  • Employee personal accounts for changes
  • SMS notifications about shift re-scheduling


  • Automatic creation of timesheets and integration with external systems
  • Timekeeping and schedule violation reports

Personal account and mobile application

  • Up-to-date schedules in the employee’s personal account
  • Schedule change requests from the mobile application
  • Shift rescheduling with automatic distribution of push notifications

Naumen WFM for different industries

Naumen WFM for call centers

  • Improves agent efficiency due to accurate forecasting and an efficient scheduling
  • Helps to achieve service level targets
  • Allows accounting of agent multi-skills
  • Reduces labor costs

Naumen WFM for insurance

  • Provides quick breakdown of work days and flexible 24/7 supervision
  • Enables accounting of peak load intervals
  • Preserves high value of SL
  • Enables accounting of multi-skills and multichannel communications

Naumen WFM for retail

  • Analyzes customer traffic
  • Plans work of sales personnel and operation of the cashier’s desks
  • Distributes tasks to the staff of selling floor subject to rules, skills and set up drivers
  • Increases sales conversion rates

Naumen WFM for healthcare

  • Allows biometrics-based work time recording
  • Provides real time management of planned work intervals
  • Assures compliance of medical staff schedules with established regulations and standard

Naumen WFM for HoReCa

  • Plans workforce for unstable customer traffic of restaurants and hotels
  • Allows accounting of hard to predict factors
  • Helps to solve the need of short shifts and quick substitutions

Naumen WFM for manufacturing

  • Tracks work time and analyzes staff demand in production
  • Uses biometrics-based accounting for safe and authorized access to facilities
  • Enables integration with company’s ERP systems

Naumen WFM implementation results

Saving administration time and costs
Average decrease of labor costs
Average increase of service quality
Increase of employee satisfaction


Naumen Workforce Management won a Crystal Headset (2016) award in the nomination The Best Technology Application. A Product of the Year.

Is recognized as Russia’s best software developer for the contact centers

Naumen Contact Center platform is acknowledged in the Gartner’s report

Naumen Group is ranked as No 1 Russian software developer in the outsourcing contact center segment

Success Stories

Naumen WFM implementation allowed us to improve transparency and operational efficiency of work schedule planning. In several months call center GRAN managed to increase agent’s workload by 8%, which ensured reduction of labor costs. About 80% of the GRAN agents use a mobile application to adjust their timetables. Remaining 20% use a desktop application.

Planning efficiency went 15% up.

Naumen Workforce Management (WFM) was used to optimize operation of contact centers for the Russia’s largest taxi service. Naumen WFM enables to forecast the workload of contact centers and efficiently plan agents’ work.

Forecast accuracy increased by: 95%

Labor costs reduced by: 20%

WFM forecasts workload on two contact centers of an insurance underwriter with high accuracy and automatically plans a work schedule for more than 300 agents across 5 sites in different locations.

Number of answered calls increased by: 5%

Planned reduction of labor costs is: 15%


We must use work time of agents with maximum effect in order to remain profitable. After implementation we felt improvements d almost at once. SMS notifications enabled us to cut the number of late arrivals and quickly re-schedule shifts for the next day.

Maxim Kalinkin
Call Center GRAN, General Director

With an increased number of agents, we started to look for a worktime control automation tool. Naumen WFM enables to accurately forecast the number of calls within a certain period, plan agents’ shifts, notify them about any changes in the work schedule based on the forecasting results.

Vladimir Batmanov
Division Manager

The transparency of our contact center operation has increased in several times, personnel planning and management processes have become optimized to the full extent with a switch to this Russian WFM system.

Sergey Kyuregyan
PJSC Mosenergosbyt, Business Development Director

Use of Naumen WFM enabled us to systemize our workload planning. We can not only build up optimal timetables, but also track customer behavior trends, analyze factors, which resulted in a load increase for our contact center.

Anna Paramonova
Dodo Pizza, Unified Call Center, Ex Business Analyst

The project resulted in performance improvement by 8.3%. The cost of answering a contact decreased by 13%, while the cost per order reduced by 6%.

Tatyana Orlova
OZON, Customer Service Manager

The contact center specialists always have true info about their schedules on their desktops after implementation of this system. The quality of planning improved, time costs significantly reduced. We managed to improve resource management efficiency by more than 10%.

Georgiy Chudayev
SOGAZ JSC, Unified Contact Center Manager


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