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Volkswagen Group Rus


Volkswagen Group Rus



Project for building a service model for IT and business process management within a single digital environment based on the Naumen Service Desk solution


The speed of processing incoming requests increased by 30%.
High-quality service provided to more than 350 dealers and over 600 users.

Company profile

The Group of Volkswagen AG, headquartered in Wolfsburg (Germany), is one of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers and the largest European car manufacturer. The concern has 123 factories in 20 countries of Europe and 11 countries of North and South America, Asia, and Africa. Twelve brands from seven EU states are part of the Volkswagen Group: Volkswagen for passenger cars, Audi, Seat, ŠKODA, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, Ducati, Volkswagen for commercial vehicles, Scania and MAN (for trucks).
VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus is an authorized importer of the following brands: Volkswagen for passenger cars, Audi, ŠKODA, Bentley, Lamborghini, Ducati, and Volkswagen for commercial vehicles.

Project background

VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus business is focused on improving the quality of support services for a distributed chain of dealers (in Russia, Kazakhstan). In order to achieve a new level of service, a flexible solution was required, which would allow organizing a modern service approach not only in terms of IT but also in managing business processes to have centralized processing of incoming requests from dealers and customers.

Project goals

  • Implementing a universal automation platform in the Russian office of the Group and building on its basis a service model for managing IT and business processes.
  • Centralized provision of quality services to dealers and customers by scaling the automated system up for the Group’s business units.
  • Improving the efficiency and quality of service for requests from dealers and customers.

Project info

A complex project to create ITSMT (IT Service Management Tool) based on the Naumen Service Desk solution was implemented in the Moscow Branch of VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus. It envisaged (along with the automation of IT processes) the implementation of a system focused on the work of business units that process client requests.

The project was carried out in two stages:

Stage 1: implementation of a new system in the IT Office of VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus to test its capabilities and system’s potential for the business needs.
It took only three months to carry out the first stage of the IT process management system. Such a short time frame was due to the maturity and experience gained by the client in IT management as well as documented internal processes and regulations. The IT environment of the Moscow Branch of VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus covers 100+ various systems, including infrastructure and office software. During this stage, main IT processes were automated — incident and service request management, service catalog, service level.
Corporate users can register their requests on their own. Access is granted through the existing new system via the self-care option (IT portal for self-service).

Stage 2 was the continuation of the service-specific approach which was commenced in IT but already with the scaling of the automated system beyond IT applications up to the business units of the representative office to ensure prompt and high-quality service provision to a distributed dealer network in Russia and Kazakhstan.
The NAUMEN system handles incoming requests for the following brands: Volkswagen for passenger cars, Volkswagen for commercial vehicles, Skoda & Audi.

In order to centralize the reception of requests from dealers and clients (regarding car operation, spare parts) a single-window was created on the basis of the Naumen Service Desk solution: for this purpose, the system was integrated with the sites of the serviced brands and the e-mail. Thus, any request submitted through the sites' web-interface form, by e-mail, and by telephone will be uploaded to the single NAUMEN system. Smart tools of this system ensure that received requests will be automatically routed to the appropriate units for further processing.
Monitoring compliance with the required terms and quality of customer and dealer service is ensured by the usage of analytical tools implemented in the system which enable prompt generation of various types of reports on the request statuses for any period. Report analysis allows management to evaluate the performance of personnel in fulfilling requests.


  • With the capabilities offered by the Naumen Service Desk solution, a new level of service is ensured for more than 350 dealer companies and 600+ employees of the Russian branch of the Group.
  • Dealers and clients' requests have been processed 30% faster.
  • Improved IT management efficiency, which consists of 100+ various systems, including infrastructure and office software applications.
  • First-line staff training of newcomers has been greatly simplified.
  • Report generation and receipt are now automated.

VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus is focused on increasing the level of process automation in accordance with the Industrie 4.0. concept. With the implementation of a universal and scalable solution offered by Naumen Service Desk, we managed to implement a service approach not only in IT but also in business process management for handling incoming requests from dealers and end-customers of the Group. The new tool has been used to optimize support for both internal employees and for over 350 dealers of the Russian unit.

Aleksandr Beschetnikov
VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus, IT Manager


Apart from the implemented IT and request handling processes, VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus plans to scale the functionality of the Naumen Service Desk solution to other business units — logistics, maintenance, and supply department, etc. On the basis of the integrated platform, a single transparent service environment will be set up for the end-to-end management of all service processes.

Switching to a service model always requires a proven solution. We appreciate the trust of VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus that made the right choice: Naumen Service Desk meets international standards and best service management practices. This is confirmed by more than 400 successful projects for implementing the solution in large companies. I am confident that further development of the project based on our solution will allow the Group to achieve new results from digital transformations.

Dmitri Roubin
NAUMEN, Director of IT & Service Process Automation Systems


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