Leader in the number
of installations in the OCC
NAUMEN retained its leading position in 2019
by the total number of installations in outsourcing contact centers (OCC)
with a market share of 33%.

Naumen Contact Center
A single solution for a call center and a contact center
More than 350 call centers in Russia and the CIS have chosen us

Naumen Contact Center A unified solution for call centers and contact centers

Naumen Contact Center (NCC) is a fully-integrated software solution, which provides all components required to establish an in-house or an outsourced contact center. By choosing our solution for deploying a call center, you avoid wasting money on integration and support of software by different vendors, because NCC ensures you get all components required for its efficient operation.

Our solution embodies an omni-channel communication platform, which ensures receiving and processing VoiP phone calls as well as requests via other channels: e-mail, SMS, messengers, social networks, website calls, chats on websites and through mobile applications.

Naumen Contact Center (NCC) complies with high standards of the enterprise-level solution in terms of functionality, reliability, flexibility, scalability and technical support. It provides great call quality based on SIP protocol, which enables connecting VoIP gateways and subscriber terminals of various vendors in combination with full freedom of choosing server and telecom equipment.

NСС server-side components run on freely distributed Linux OSs, whereas PostgreSQL or Oracle can be used as database management systems. Various OSs can be used for workstations: Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Why Naumen Contact Center Our clients believe that Naumen Contact Center (NCC) provides a number of benefits.

Allows launching a call center within 3 months

Our experts develop a concept of your contact center, which is strictly targeted to all specific features and nuances of your company.

Enables multiple communication channels with customers (voice chat, SMS, etc.)

NCC is capable of receiving and processing of VoIP phone calls as well as requests by other channels.

Ensures high reliability

Fault tolerance with 99.99% uptime guarantees non-stop operation of your contact center 24/7/365.

Reduces training costs up to 2 times

NAUMEN Training Center trains your staff how to use Naumen Contact Center.

Scales from 10 to 2 500 agent accounts without putting your business at any risk

Expanding server capacity is possible without stopping call center operations

Offers migration from other solutions

Costs of the call center automation solution is an important item in the project’s general budget.

Functionalityfor call centers and contact centers

Incoming calls processing
Automated outbound calling/auto-dialing of customer numbers
Dynamic scripts of service
Quality management
operator performance QC module
Unified call recording system
Soft Phone
software multichannel IP telephone
Softswitch (software switch)
Campaign Management

Complementarysoftware products

Naumen Omni-Channel

A unified platform for processing requests from all popular channels:

  • Phone calls:
    • public telephone networks;
    • website calls (WebRTC);
    • requests for a website call.
  • Email;
  • Text messages;
  • Online chats;
  • Instant messengers (WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Telegram, VKontakte);
  • Mobile apps;
  • Social media (Facebook, VKontakte);
  • Video calls (built-in RichCall app integration).

Naumen WFM

A full-featured workload management solution:

  • Variable forecasting methods: target week, planned week, trend building, confidence levels (VaR);
  • Planning based on the specifics of work shifts, rotation schemes, and individual rules;
  • Automatic creation of work schedules;
  • Online correction of forecast values, based on actual data;
  • Dashboard for monitoring workloads and deviations from the schedule;
  • Automated mailings with information about work schedule changes;
  • Personal account and mobile app for operators and supervisors;
  • Full-featured workload management system.

Naumen Erudite

An AI platform for creating voice and text bots:

  • Possibility of synchronous work with different data types (ASR, DTMF);
  • Intuitive web interface for training and configuring a bot without involving programmers;
  • Drag & drop builder for service scripts;
  • Pre-configured algorithms for recognizing offtopic phrases (e.g., "how are you?");
  • Cloud support.


Implementation of Naumen Omni-Channel in STD Petrovich was awarded at the СХ WORLD AWARDS 2018 in the nomination Best Omni-Channel Customer Experience

NAUMEN Is included into the Top Ten Russian Software Developers (in terms of installations)

Is recognized as Russia’s best software developer for outsourced contact centers

Naumen Contact Center platform is acknowledged in the Gartner’s reports


  • Outsource call centers

    Historically, NAUMEN platform has been widely spread among outsourced contact centers. According to RBC 2013 Report, every 4th outsourced contact center in Russia used NAUMEN platform.

    Implementation of Naumen WFM improved transparency and operational efficiency of planning work schedules. In few months GRAN managed to increase agent’s workload by 8% and ensured labor cost reduction. About 80% of GRAN’s agents use a mobile application to adjust their schedules. Other 20% use a desktop application.
    Efficiency of planning went 15% up

    By using Naumen’s platform, expanded contact center capacity from 20 to 950 agents within 3 years

    One of Russia’s leading outsourced contact centers switched to the Naumen Contact Center platform

    City Call
    Switching to Naumen Contact Center, ensured high level of fault tolerance during hours of peak load

  • Government sector

    Russia’s Federal Treasury
    The software platform of the Unified Call Center of Russia’s Federal Treasury was upgraded to the full-scale NAUMEN solution, replacing Asterisk and Avaya systems. Usage of the new platform granted required flexibility and performance to support new business processes for further development of the contact center.

    Russian Post
    Voice bots classify and route customer requests, track statuses of mailings, search for branch offices by street addresses or ZIP codes and give their operation hours.
    — After robotic automation request processing costs (package tracking) reduced by 6 times.
    — 30 agents started to service more complex projects.
    — 20% of calls are serviced without agent participation.

    Ekaterinburg Municipal Service Center
    Automated the processes of remote services on the basis of Naumen Contact Center, which is designed to optimize processing of incoming requests. The new solution ensures consolidated requests processing of 120+ types of services on the basis on the “single window” concept.

    Moscow City Department of Information Technologies
    The voice bot of the Moscow Transport contact center helps Moscow residents to find an evacuated car and informs about the address of a special parking area via a Moscow Transport contact center. Upon receiving the customers’ requests, the bot explains where a car is and how to get it back and depending on evacuation reasons.
    — The bot processes 80% of calls to the car evacuation hotline during working hours.
    — The bot provides services to Moscow residents 2 times faster than the agents.

  • Housing and public utilities

    The voice bot identifies request topics, customers by their addresses or by personal account numbers. It is capable of receiving customer’s readings of heat and water supply meters within a single call. The bot converts spoken data into numbers and transmits them to the billing system of OMSK RTS. The robotic bot was put into service in s 2 months from the project start.

    On the basis of Naumen Contact Center launched a contact center for the Nizhny Novgorod leading heat supplier.

  • Online stores

    Implemented solution granted a modern business tool. Now phone support for Allsoft.ru customers is fully automated and is placed under centralized control.

    Parter ticket agency
    Thanks to implementation of Naumen’s solution, this company managed to optimize expenditures with no need to acquire an office PBX and laying phone network to agent’s workstations. The solution facilitated standard operations of setting up a call center and made them more convenient.

    Established a call center for online store, in which calls are answered by the agents, who distribute them to the groups of consultants. Management of the online store controls operations of all process participants to full extent.

    Thanks to Naumen’s solution, all required information is displayed directly on the agents’ desktops. Thus, the process of ordering is simplified, because contact center staff can quickly process all orders and handle all queries.

  • Telecom providers

    Outbound telemarketing of Rostelecom PJSC was unified on the basis of Naumen Contact Center. All business units involved in telemarketing projects obtained a unified set of tools and a unified set of performance indicators to compare operating results.

    By using NAUMEN’s technologies the call center to process emergency calls “Call Center 112” was launched as a part of developing ERA GLONASS state automated information system.

    Moldtelecom (Republic of Moldova)
    Naumen’s solution helped to established a call center that uses IVR scripts to process incoming calls. Calls are distributed to agents subject to their workload and other data. Implementation the «single window» principle in combination with easy access to knowledge base enabled to increase the percent of issues resolved within one call. The number of calls transferred to the second line of technical support reduced by more than twice.

    Optimized management of the customer support processes on the basis of Naumen’s solution. Improved fault tolerance in combination with a wide range of required functions relieved this company from the necessity to support several systems.

  • Retail

    Petrovich Construction and Trading House
    Implementing Naumen Contact Center platform. Customers pay using IVR services, integration of NCC with 1С accounting system and WFM is ensured. All customer service processes are transferred to NCC platform. An obsolete platform Infra Call-Center was completely replaced.

    Implementing Naumen Contact Center in an integrated environment of a company engaged in retail of foodstuff and convenience goods. The project involved creation of three separately functioning contact centers to solve crucial tasks of the company’s business units. The new tool helped to optimize working processes, which finally resulted in reduction of financial and time expenditures to process phone calls.

    Naumen’s technologies enabled to arrange agent workplaces using the “single window” concept. Agents can access all back office systems as well as the web site of online store. All required information is displayed directly in the software phone, significantly increasing speed and quality of services.

    Stroitelniy Dvor
    Upgrading a geographically distributed contact center for Stroitelniy Dvor, one of the largest players of Russia’s DIY market. The retailer’s contact center switched from Avaya platform to Naumen Contact Center, which enabled to automate operation of two geographically distributed sites in Tyumen and Omsk as well as ensure high fault tolerance during peak loads.

  • Transportation

    Sheremetyevo International Airport
    Implementing Naumen Contact Center communication platform. Upgrade of the contact center was caused by increased load of the airport hotline and a necessity to switch from an obsolete solution of a non-Russian manufacturer.

    Operation of the contact centers for one of the Russia’s largest taxi ordering services was optimized using Naumen Workforce Management (WFM) Naumen WFM enables to forecast the workload of contact centers and efficiently plan agent work.
    — Accuracy of forecasting increased by 95%
    — Labor costs reduced by 20%

    Upgrading the contact center of BelkaCar, the car sharing service. By deploying the Naumen Contact Сenter solution, the company ensures simultaneous work of 250 agents and is capable to process 1000+ simultaneous calls.

  • Banking & Finance

    Implementing a virtual assistant, which works with SME customers on the bank’s web site and via mobile application. The bot replies to frequently asked questions, makes basic technical support and renders services, such as reserving accounts, choosing service tariffs or merchant acquiring conditions. The virtual assistant deals with 37 most frequent topics as of June 2019.

    Rossiya Bank
    An upgraded contact center based on a fault tolerant cluster and an integrated solution ensures an uninterrupted management of massive calls with improved competitive advantages of the bank in remote servicing of customers.

    OTP Bank
    Upgrading the contact center of OTP Bank. The bank takes all advantages of using Naumen Contact Center, including omni-channel service and quality management tools.

    Implementing Naumen Contact Center in CarMoney, a finance & technology services company. The implemented solution enabled both to automate processing of inbound calls from customers and resellers and to deal with outbound calls related to phone sales and collection of debts.

  • Power supply

    Energosbyt Plus
    Switching from Avaya’s solution to Naumen Contact Center, which is Russian platform

    Implementing a voice bot, which defines request topics, customers by addresses or personal account numbers and accepts readings of heat and water meters within a single call. The bot converts spoken data into numbers and transmits to the OMSK RTS billing system.
    Setting up of the robotic service took 2 months.

    Implementing Naumen Contact Center to service customers of all power supply network companies in the Moscow region.

    Implementing Naumen Contact Center. The implemented solution enables to optimize processing of incoming and outgoing requests as well as provided convenient tools for collecting statistics and getting reports.


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