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Progressive building and automation of ITSM processes as part of the transition to a service model

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Optimization of the IT staff headcount by 20%

Company profile

JSC OTP Bank is a part of the International Financial Group (OTP Group), which is one of the leaders in the financial services market in Central and Eastern Europe. OTP Bank provides customer service via its corporate chain, which currently includes 27 900 consumer lending points, 108 credit and cash offices (CCO), a branch network of 134 customer service points, 212 АТМs and 275 self-service terminals. OTP Bank is one of the biggest (Top 50) banks in Russia, and in a number of areas, it is one of the market leaders.

Project goals

The project for the implementation of an integrated full-scale system in the IT department of the bank started in 2008. The project was a part of a large-scale centralization of banking business processes. These measures were dictated by the need to improve process controllability and optimize costs in some areas. Moreover, an increase in points of presence and a higher number of services offered by the bank required an increased quality of their support and service, as well as ensuring stable and guaranteed indicators required by the business.

These results could be achieved by the progressive building and automation of ITSM processes as part of the transition to a service model of interaction with the business, as well as by outsourcing some non-core functions (namely: IT support functions, including coders) and optimizing IT unit headcount.

Project objectives and goals:

  • Transition to a service model of IT management based on software that can not only automate ITSM processes, but also provide a solution to complex problems in the effective management of most processes, including those outside of IT.
  • Improving quantitative and qualitative indicators of user support.
  • Increasing the level of interaction with business units and more efficient conflict resolution.
  • Optimization of IT support costs while improving the service quality.
  • Capability to introduce flexible and quick changes to the organizational structure of IT unit without an impact on service delivery and support quality.

The successful implementation of the service approach and its comprehensive automation, in addition to direct application benefits, gave us the opportunity not only to make such important decisions as optimization of the IT staff headcount, but also to become the foundation for implementing key processes for managing finances, capacities, and availability in the near future. With the project implemented on the basis of the Naumen Service Desk solution, we were able to build a centralized customer support system and ensure the provision of services at the level consistent with our business goals. The most appropriate definition for the resulting IT management system, in my opinion, is a set of IT management processes interconnected and effectively interacting with each other.

Aleksandr Gutyanko
OTP Bank, Director of IT Service Desk Department

Project deliverables

Process automation based on the Naumen Service Desk solution delivered the following results:

  • Reduced headcount of the IT unit by 20% and optimized IT costs by transferring 40% of staff to outsourcing;
  • Ensured centralized support for 150 branches and 2500 local points of sale of the bank;
  • Improved support quality for 35+ services;
  • Increased number of requests sent via the self-service portal by 3 times;
  • Increased productivity of the support service: the number of requests processed on average per month is about 35k (including ≈10k calls from the user privilege control system, ≈12k requests for service and consultations, ≈5k incident cases, other requests of different classifications);
  • Servicing requests related to business processes (outside of the IT unit) — up to 800 requests per month.


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