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The upgrade of OTB Bank Call Center / OTP Bank contact center modernization project


40% of requests in web-based chats are automated, no operator intervention is needed

— 400 operator work stations
— 4.5 million serviced clients’ requests in Russia

Company profile

OTP Bank is a part of the International Financial Group (OTP Group) - one of the leaders amongst financial service providers of the Central and Eastern Europe. As of February 2019, OTP Bank ranks 43rd in Russia by the size of the loan portfolio and 48th in terms of capital employed/net assets (as reported by the Bank of Russia). With a total number of clients equal to 4.6 million, the number of its active clients using POS loans is 2.1 million. As to total quantities of a loan portfolio in this sector, OTP Bank is the second bank in Russia.

Project background

As part of the procedure for choosing a contact center automation platform, the client (along with the solution offered by NAUMEN) also considered proposals from a number of leading overseas service providers. As a result, OTP GROUP shareholders made vendor selection after the meeting with NAUMEN representatives in OTP Group headquarters, in Budapest.

The proposed solution based on Naumen Contact Center met the client’s requirements to the greatest extent: the current version of this product enables 90% out of the required functions, while the other 10% are scheduled for further refinement and will be accessible in the next release. Moreover, NAUMEN experts elaborated on upcoming integration projects concerning 10+ bank systems.

We are glad that another large retail bank has preferred NAUMEN products to solutions from non-Russian vendors. It is especially pleasant that the final decision was made at the level of OTP Group shareholders in Budapest, which once again confirms the competitiveness of our products not only in the Russian market, but also abroad.

Andrei Zaytsev
Director, Call Center Department, NAUMEN

Project info

Total capacity of the upgraded OTP Bank call center is over 400 operator’s workstations. Operators of the two sites work in the single system, servicing requests for more than 4.5 million clients in Russia. The modernization project started in November 2017. By that time, we finished creating functional and technical architecture of our solution, drafted a detailed modernization plan, which made it possible to reduce project risks and implement all the basic tasks without interrupting the call center’s business processes.


Concurrently with the communication platform replacement including transfers of all the inbound and outbound projects, we integrated Siebel CRM system. This integration enables operators to work with client requests via CRM interface without performing any routine data copying from the call center platform. Now, while working with phone calls or text messages, the CRM system automatically downloads all the required information about the call via CTI, identifies the client and allows to perform actions such as receiving a call, placing and removing from hold, redirecting, etc.

By using the tools offered by the new platform we built the IVR menu which allows clients in self-service mode to receive information related to banking products: limits and balances on cards, amounts for repaying loans, special offers, etc. Logging of all actions in the voice menu provides data for analytics and allows you to optimize the IVR structure to accelerate access to the most popular menu items.

Apart from the CRM system integration, in this project we implemented data export procedure to the unified corporate reporting system (Data WareHouse, DWH). With this integration statistical data retrieved from the new platform of the call center will be transmitted to the reporting system in the required format. This allows you to reduce the cost of creating reports, using DWH as a single tool for generating any reports in the context of an unlimited number of internal systems.

Switching to Naumen Contact Center solution, allowed the bank to manage its operations in an omni-channel way. Today, the upgraded call center also processes requests coming through the most popular digital channels: email, web chat and mobile application. In the very near future, OTP Bank Call Center will start processing voice calls in the corporate mobile application, as well as requests from instant messengers and social networks like Facebook & VKontakte.

To automatically control the quality of operators' work, the bank uses the capabilities of the Quality Management module. By using this module OTP Bank supervisors can set up arbitrary key performance indicators (KPI) to assess operator’s performance in each project, and generate reports for any specific operator, group and project.

The transition to the new platform also marked a new stage in the development of the bank’s outbound campaigns: when calling clients, the platform identifies auto responders with high accuracy and optimizes the load on operators. Thanks to this feature OTP Bank will be able to increase the processing volume of the database in order to increase income.

Development plans

In the nearest future, OTP Bank will deploy a chatbot based on the Naumen Erudite platform — a new NAUMEN software product based on AI, which allows creating voice and text robots. This chatbot will be available on the website and in the mobile application of the bank.


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Phone/fax: +7 (495) 145-90-45