Naumen Network Manager
Natively integrated with Naumen Service Desk

Naumen Network Manager
An efficient system of infrastructure
and services monitoring

Naumen Network Manager
Universal distributed system
for monitoring of any telecom and IT equipment

Naumen Network Manager is an efficient system of IT infrastructure and IT services monitoring

Naumen Network Manager is a universal distributed system for monitoring of any telecom and IT equipment. It is also applicable for use with other technologies, functioning of which is detected through the networks.

Network Management System/Software provides an extensive set of features with powerful tools for multi-thread event processing and data normalization techniques.

A universal platform to monitor IT infrastructure and telecom equipment

Automating the process of detecting failures

Managing configuration and performance of the network and IT infrastructure equipment

Monitoring IT services provided to the company’s external and internal consumers

Uses Built-in Automatic Discovering Module

Naumen Network Manager scans multi-vendor networks and ensures an automatic construction of connectivity based on the data it receives from:

Network equipment via
SNMP, CDP, LLDP, CLI, port description

External information systems
Standard control systems, arbitrary databases, technical record-keeping and stock control systems

Makes Root Cause Analysis

Using built-in processing and correlation engines to quickly and accurately locate failures. Forecasting degradation of network performance prior to its direct impact on provided services and end users. Providing pro-active user notifications about potential failures.

Allows Native Integrations

Receiving service and equipment downtime statistics as well as data on repairing failures. Achieving an objective of Closed Loop Orchestration.

Naumen Service Desk
— Naumen Inventory

Provides several hundred components for network management

The platform components enable:
— Working with alarms
— Deploying alerts and event handlers
— Building network maps
— Creating reports and diagrams
— Using scheduled tasks
— and more…

Implementation Projects

NAUMEN renders services of deploying fully integrated solutions, which ensure network management and IT infrastructure monitoring. We develop and implement systems, which enable to improve performance and show notable results in a matter of days. All you need to start cooperation and launch a pilot project is to put together a workgroup of engineers and define your most critical set of infrastructure components.

Proven efficiencyin numbers

As illustrated by monitoring of IT infrastructure of Kazakhstan Electronic Government


Reduces labor costs and time to search and locate failures by 50%


Provides non-stop servicing


Ensures 99.98% reliability of the network and IT infrastructure


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