Naumen Legal Tech
Platform for management of regulatory,
legal, and technical documentation

Naumen Legal Tech

The platform provides multiple functions: smart search across large amounts of information, monitoring of legislative initiatives, semantic analysis, as well as management of regulatory and procedural guidelines, standards, and legal documentation.

The product is aimed at state and business entities that manage their own databases of regulatory, legal, and technical documentation.

What Problems Does Naumen Legal Tech Solve?

Challenges of our customers when using the classic (iterative) approach to working with regulatory and technical documentation:


Lack of a unified information space due to a large number of document storage and processing systems


Excessive costs of supporting multiple document processing and storage systems


Lengthy search for information in documents and poor chances to find related documents


Duplication of rules and regulations, since the same rules might be stipulated in different documents


Outdated/irrelevant documents in systems


Time wasted on routine operations related to the semantic processing of boilerplate documents


Lack of delegation functionality when working with documents


Slow response to legislative initiatives

Key Objectives

Creating unified information space to quickly search, structure, and establish links between documents from various sources

Enabling employees responsible for creating and updating documents to collaborate using intelligent search and analysis tools

Prompt response to legislative initiatives, receiving notifications from state legal portals, and tracking the latest legal changes

How It Works

The Naumen Legal Tech platform supports the full cycle of creation and approval of various documents: from internal guidelines to expert opinions. The solution combines several components into a unified ecosystem to optimize working with documentation.

Information and analysis system

Stores, searches, and manages the corporate knowledge base, a bank of guidelines and technical documentation associated with the business process structure.

Automatically and intelligently monitors external sources of information

Parses various sources and keeps informed the responsible employees about the update or initial publication of the relevant regulations and legal acts.

Recommender system

Helps to identify overlapping documents, differences in wording, and generate hints based on insights — the results from machine processing of large amounts of data.

Semantic analysis of a document

Allows you to analyze agreements (contracts, NDAs, etc.), detecting the entities in the document to identify risks affecting the company's activities.


The solution combines all tools that manage the documentation development lifecycle with all events and changes.


For employees

  • a semantic data search in unified space, creation of search templates;
  • tracking document changes and comparing its versions;
  • personalized document recommendations;
  • recognition of overlapped text and meaning in documents;
  • making sure of getting familiar with documents;
  • identifying risks in a document;
  • personal dashboards.

For teams

  • picking up participants to work on a document, building up an approval board;
  • collaborative editing of document;
  • making comments and suggestions on the document and text fragments, accepting them;
  • setting up the process of document development and approvals;
  • the smart building of approval route;
  • change tracking.

For executives

  • dashboards to control the process status, view results, and monitor trends
  • report generation in different data views.

Benefits of the Solution


Smart processes

Building a smart knowledge base with a recommendation system and semantic search



The ability to integrate with internal and external sources, systems of other organizations, and process participants


Machine learning

Optional automation of contract analysis and verification of developed documents powered by machine learning algorithms


Personalized approach

Customizing the solution for the business processes of a particular organization

Benefits for an Organization

Reduced document preparation time and cost

Improved quality of developed documents

Rapid response to changes in the external environment using automatic tracking of legislative initiatives

Improved efficiency of document developers thanks to the smart processes

Transparency and traceability of rule-making activities due to the implemented project-based approach

The implementation effect of Naumen Legal Tech


More efficiency in the organization's document management


There might be from 50-100K documents in a large company, and, for example, the total legislation ot the Russian Federation includes over 200K legal acts.

Naumen Legal Tech allows you to increase the efficiency of the organization’s document management by 50 percent. You’ll be able to attain this level after automatic processing of only 10 percent of the total document base.


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