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Jaguar Land Rover Russia


Jaguar Land Rover Russia


Contact center automation project for the representative office in Russia


Providing a high level of customer service by optimizing call queue management and improving the quality of remote customer support service

Company profile

Jaguar Land Rover LLC ( , is the representative of the British Jaguar Land Rover in Russia that specializes in premium car sales. Main production facilities of Jaguar Land Rover are located in the UK.

How the platform was chosen

Jaguar Land Rover always had high standards of customer service. When it came to choosing a contact center platform for the Russian office, the client focused primarily on exploring mature industrial solutions from foreign vendors. The only Russian product that was functionally and technologically comparable to foreign developments was Naumen Contact Center. After comparing the prices for the offered products, the client selected Naumen Contact Center.

Our customers value their time. To guarantee the highest level of service we were looking for an up-to-date high-tech solution. When we compared the capabilities of leading contact center automation platforms, we realized that under otherwise equal conditions Naumen Contact Center compares favorably with foreign counterparts in terms of price, even though the solution has already gained global recognition. Besides, we conducted some tests and made sure this platform was perfectly suited to work in a virtual environment.

Yekaterina Zarubina
Jaguar Land Rover, Client Liaison Unit Manager

Project info

The project was mainly targeted at delivering an automated service level (SL) control. In case the set waiting time is exceeded or a call is dropped, an automatic email is sent to the supervisor indicating the queue that received that call. Such a mechanism enables a prompt investigation of call drops, and if necessary, makes a call back to the number in question.

Smart Routing Technology performs automatic load balancing for the contact center. Almost 75% of incoming calls are covered by IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system. The rest of the calls are evenly distributed among contact center employees, considering their skills and availability. Active use of the IVR made it possible to cut the cost of processing a contact while increasing the overall availability of the contact center. Also, this system enables feedback collection through contact center operators who call back on the next business day to an interested customer who called the IVR outside of working hours.

Displaying all the necessary information in a single window, ready to use dialogue scripts, automatic opening of a customer card and other useful tools and capabilities offered by Naumen Contact Center greatly facilitate the work of the contact center specialists, allowing them to provide high-quality service to each call. Along with the call services, the communication platform also ensures reception and processing of requests sent via alternative communication channels (e-mail, chat, texts).

All the data on calls is stored in the system. Managers can get access to statistics in real-time, if necessary, and promptly generate a chronological report for any period, as well as itemized reports on incoming/outgoing calls for each operator. By reviewing these reports management can estimate the degree of workload and the efficiency of personnel, monitor discipline, and quality of customer service.

Project deliverables

NAUMEN specialists deployed the system in strict compliance with the client’s requirements. In order to assure the 24/7/365 operation of the contact center the main servers involved in call processing were duplicated by backup ones. This system architecture ensures 99.99% fault tolerance.

With the implementation of the Naumen Contact Center, Jaguar Land Rover contact center in Russia is successfully dealing with the high workload. Customers’ requests are processed at two hotlines: one is for requests related to purchasing and operation of cars, another — for communication with the spare parts warehouse.


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