Naumen IT Asset Management
An efficient system for managing IT assets

Naumen ITAM
Mobile application for managing
IT assets using a smartphone

Naumen IT Asset Management is a software solution to automate IT Asset management processes of large centralized and geographically distributed enterprises

Naumen IT Asset Management is designed to automate full life cycle of the company’s IT assets: processes of planning, acquisition, operation, accounting and status monitoring, which ensure company’s core activities.

With Naumen IT Asset Management you can establish a unified centralized IT asset register to store an up-to-date information regarding your server hardware, deployed software, network equipment and virtual infrastructure. Management of your IT assets by using Naumen ITAM enhances control and improves transparency of IT assets accounting and management practices. It helps you make relevant operational and strategic decisions in terms of planning, acquisition, operation of IT assets, as well as managing contractors dealing with IT assets maintenance.

Naumen ITAM server-side components run on MS Windows or freely available Linux OSs, whereas PostgreSQL or Oracle can be used as DBMSs. Various OSs can be installed on the workstations: MS Windows, Linux and others.

The solution implements the best worldwide practices of IT asset management, such as ITIL® and others. Naumen ITAM is equipped with engineering solutions, which absorb NAUMEN’s 16-year experience of implementing IT asset management solutions in the largest companies from Russia and other CIS countries.

Naumen IT Asset ManagementAccording to our clients, key benefits of our solution are:

Provides a universal accounting platform

Enables to account for IT assets of any type, including virtual IT infrastructure, deployed software , and cloud services

Easily and quickly adapts to the company’s specific features

Automates your company’s specific management processes

Enables end-to-end integration with ITSM processes

Enables to automate your company’s specific management processes

Provides a unified interface with Naumen Service Desk

Creates consolidated working environment for all participantss

Ready to integrate with adjacent systems

Possesses ready to use integration modules with adjacent systems running, such as accounting and resource management systems

Is a verified replacement for solutions of the major western vendors

Is successfully used in the projects of country-wide level

Allows risk-free Implementation Is a 100% Russian solution

Prices are specified in rubles
Technical support is provided and documentation is written in Russian
Was developed and is implemented by Russian teams
Provides 100% proven support of free open source DBMSs and OSs


NAUMEN Is listed among the Top Ten Russian Software Developers (in terms of installations)

Naumen Service Desk confirmed ITIL® Software Scheme certification

Is listed among Top 5 worldwide leaders for ITSM solutions

The project in the Russian Post based on Naumen Service Desk was named Project of the Year 2017. Russian IT Directors’ Choice in nomination: Best Solution in Service Management/Outsourcing


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