Naumen Enterprise
Service Management
Applying the concepts of service management
to activities of a company

Launching Shared Services Centers (SSC)
and automating their activities

Naumen Enterprise Service Management (ESM)

Naumen Enterprise Service Management is a solution to automate and manage company’s back office activities of service departments, such as procurement, maintenance and supply, HR, logistics, marketing, legal, etc. Naumen ESM absorbs and extends the best user and management experience of Naumen Service Desk, which is a leading solution for theITSM services automation with 1000+implementations by companies from various industries.

When the principles of service management are applied to activities of service departments, they improve work quality and performance, increase user (internal service consumer) satisfaction level as well as cut costs due to repetitive use of experience and self-service techniques. The concept of service management is also used to launch a Shared Services Center and automate its activities.

Based on best practices and approaches, efficiency of which has been proved by IT services management (IT Services Management and ITIL®), Naumen ESM solution enables to create a universal and modern tool to manage activities of the service departments in a company.

When is it worth thinking about implementation of Enterprise Service Management?

User requests addressed to service departments require recurring steps to process them

It is difficult to define persons in charge

It is not possible to identify priorities of service requests depending on their business impact

Users expect request resolutions within a short time period, because it is critical for business, but deadlines are constantly failed

There is no knowledge base for typical requests

Reporting and transparency of the service department activities is not sufficient

Phases of the service management based on Naumen ESM


Create a unified service catalogue that service departments provide


Assign service owners to services or service groups


Get approval of SLA (Service Level Agreements) with business clients


Agree on metrics that service departments exploit

What objectives you can achieve

Analyzing and planning workload of service departments

Structuring internal processes, identifying employee needs and issues. Evaluating issue frequency and elaborating on prompt solutions.

Lowering business risks regarding service department activities

Evaluating performance by quantitative and qualitative measures, partially by getting feedback from service consumers and analyzing these data.

Improving transparency and controlling results

Getting tools to formalize employee evaluation system. Arranging tasks by their priorities and deadlines.

Optimizing work, identifying points of growth

Reducing the number of requests due to accumulated knowledge and delivering solutions of typical problems to service consumers.

Naumen ESMbenefits

Is complied with ITIL and ITSM standards

Uses industry standards and best worldwide practices of implementing service management

Accumulates implementation experience

Counts of 1000+ successful automation projects based on Naumen Service Desk flagship

Enables process adjustments

Quickly adopts processes to business needs, scales up to any internal business units

Provides ease of changes

Configures interfaces and processes without participation of software developers; all changes are made through the web environment without any programming

Implementation results

  • Establishes a single point of contact for interaction of service departments and service consumers
  • Increases transparency of entire processes and separate execution stages, controls outcomes
  • Cuts operating costs due to repetitive-use of experience and self-service tools
  • Increases personnel loyalty
  • Improves performance and efficiency of service departments, their work quality
  • Reduces business risks regarding activities of service departments
  • Accumulates history of rendered services and user requests to analyze and plan workload of service departments
  • Optimizes work, identifies points of growth

Scope of use

  • Managing services of HR department

    HR records keeping, personnel selection and recruitment, business trip applications, vacations and training, HR-related consulting

  • Managing procurement services

    Procuring goods and equipment, interacting with suppliers, processing documents

  • Managing legal services

    Drafting contracts, approving bills and invoices , reporting

  • Managing payroll and accounting services

    Calculating salaries and leave allowances, issuing different certificates, consulting employees on payroll issues, processing payables and receivables, controlling expenditures

  • Managing services of the maintenance and supply department

    Ordering furniture, repairing office equipment, booking conference rooms, managing couriers, office maintenance

  • Managing other service units

    Extending to any back office departments to scale up service management (tender participation, advertising and marketing activities, etc.)


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