Find what's important faster
with Naumen Enterprise Search system

Naumen Enterprise Search

It is an enterprise search system designed to retrieve corporate information. The intelligent search system powered by machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) can process large amounts of information and make the collected data available to the staff.

Fast searching without wasting time

The NAUMEN search system accelerates your enterprise search.

The search bar is the unified window of access to all data sources connected to the system:

  • local and network folders;
  • Microsoft SharePoint portals;
  • document management systems (DMSs);
  • enterprise management systems (ERPs);
  • email (Outlook);
  • and other sources.

Comprehensive and up-to-date information for reports, meetings, and decisions making

Smart search will provide you with the most comprehensive and relevant information on important issues.

You will be able to:

  • find documents by keywords, annotations, and tags;
  • receive recommendations on issue associated documents;
  • view the link context of the document;
  • remove outdated document versions from the search.

Convenient access to the corporate knowledge base

The search engine facilitates knowledge transfer within your company and mitigate the risk of knowledge loss if your expert leaves the company, etc.

By connecting to the search of corporate knowledge bases, electronic libraries, and other expert information systems, you will quickly get answers to operating questions and solve complex problems, focusing on best practices and gained experience.

Less expenses for the creation of unified information space

Naumen Enterprise Search enables you to deploy a comfortable and safe search without an expensive redesign of enterprise information systems and complex data transfer procedures.

We offer tools for the full integration of search into a company's IT infrastructure:

  • connectors to data storage and processing systems;
  • processing of structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data;
  • support for the role-based access to information;
  • administration tools.

Unified search for the entire company

All company employees will be able to use the Naumen Enterprise Search system. First of all, the search system will help to reduce labor time and efforts for personnel who work daily with documents in production departments, financial, legal, and HR services, as well as secretaries.

The system will allow you to search not only among electronic documents but also in video- and image archives*, and enterprise information management and processing systems: CRM, ERP, email, reference data systems, wikis, task trackers, systems for collecting and storing meter readings, etc.

A Reliable Guide to the Enterprise Content World


  • contracts;
  • offers;
  • business process descriptions;
  • design documentation;
  • regulatory documents (e.g., organizational documents, methodologies, etc.)
  • laws, codes, and legal acts;
  • repots;
  • articles.

Other types of content

  • draft applications and various initiatives;
  • emails;
  • regulatory and reference information;
  • presentations;
  • web pages;
  • templates;
  • ebooks;
  • etc.

User friendly interface

Full text search

With our system, you can quickly find a document by keywords in its content, and not just by a title and other fields in the card.

Tips and typo correction

When you enter a search query, the system will offer options for how to formulate it more precisely to find required things faster. Instead of entering the full phrase, you can choose an option from the tooltip. If there is a typo in a query, the system will automatically correct it and find requested documents.

Working with search results

If your query results include too many documents, you can narrow your search by using filters such as the document date creation, category, or storage location. You can also sort the results according to their relevance.

Extracting of keywords and tags

The system automatically extracts keywords and attributes (tags) from the found document to help you summarize the text content and recognize the main topics. Using tags, you can quickly navigate between the found documents.

Recommendation of document

Once the search is complete, the system will offer not only documents containing query words but also associated documents with synonyms, and so on. This way, you don't miss important information when making decisions.

Integrates into the company's IT landscape

The search system includes ready-to-use connectors for enterprise storage and data management systems. When delivering our system, we offer connectors to 2 systems at a customer's option and any number of connectors on request.

Directory services integration and universal API

and others

Companies that use NAUMEN search

Cognitive search system
for Gazprom Neft Research and Engineering Center


Time spent searching for information has been reduced by 35%

«Top 10 IT projects for the oil and gas industry» ComNews

Easy to manage and maintain

The system includes a special web administration interface. With it, you can manage the search engine operation and its features, connect new data sources, and configure user rights.



You can customize filters, fields on the searched document card, etc.


Access rights management

After importing user and group accounts from the Active Directory, you can assign them access rights in the search system.



You can start all stages of information processing in the system (tagging, indexing, extracting keywords, etc.) in manual or automated scheduled mode.



You can notify users, for example, about software updates or connecting new sources.



You can use tools for configuring integration with data sources within your enterprise.


Search tabs

You can group search results for user convenience (e.g., by document category) with tabs next to the search bar. You can customize the tab list and the information displayed.


Crawler management

If the search system uses a crawler — a bot for indexing content in external sources — you can configure connections to these and set download rules.


Managing thesauri

If the search system uses ontologies, you can import ready-to-use ones as well as create and customize your own.

Advanced functionality

For complicated information search projects, we are ready to offer solutions with additional features.

External systems crawler

A crawler (spiderbot) allows you to index and collect information from external sources (electronic libraries, websites, portals, etc.). After that, the information becomes available for your team to search along with internal systems' data.

Ontology support

In specialized areas of knowledge, the use of ontologies allows you to give a more accurate description of the subject area and use this information for document analysis, entity and relationship detection.


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