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Document Control Monitoring System (in terms of Russian USAIS)


Prompt delivery of products to 15 countries

Company profile

EFES Rus is one of the Russian brewing companies; it is a subsidiary of the international company Anadolu Efes. There are six breweries in EFES Rus assets: in Kaluga, Ufa, Kazan, Novosibirsk, Ulyanovsk, and Vladivostok and 1 malt facility. Currently, there are 99 offices of the EFES Group operating in Russia.

Project background

EFES as an alcoholic beverage producer partakes in the exchange of electronic documents with the Russian USAIS. The system receives data about the movements of finished products between warehouses. Food supplies occupy more than 15.000 sq.m of warehouse sites. The volume of production is 11.2 million hectolitres. In every warehouse, there is a PC furnished with the special software called 'Universalny transportny modul' (Multipurpose Transportation Module (UTM)) and a dongle for generating digital signatures.
The company must timely submit electronic documents on relevant transactions with alcohol-based products to USAIS. Hardware and software suite (UTM) failures result in delayed supplies and, consequently, losses for the business.

Objectives & goals

  • The 24/7/365 monitoring of UTM
  • Prevention of UTM malfunctions due to a proactive response to changes in the values of performance indicators

Project info

During the project, the DAP monitoring platform by Naumen was built and launched. All UTMs (20 units) perform monitoring. Each of them configured to collect and control a number of indicators:

  • Accessibility from the corporate LAN
  • Availability of connection with the USAIS server
  • Monitoring of the statuses of the services interacting with USAIS
  • Correctness of the serial number of digital signature dongle
  • The use of hardware resources (RAM, CPU, disk drives)

An essential phase of this project was the integration of the Naumen DAP platform with the Naumen Service Desk solution. As a result, the following functions have been provided:

  • Automatic registration of incidents with reference to a specific UTM and an indicator that demonstrates the malfunction
  • Viewing the current state of indicators and the history of their changes
  • Downloading and viewing logs stored by UTM software.

Final outcomes

  • Improved efficiency of ready-to-be-shipped product logistics
  • Centralized acquisition of statistical data on UTM operations
  • Reduced number of incidents and increased responsiveness due to the proactive response


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