Naumen Business Service Monitoring
A fully-integrated solution for digital monitoring
and management of a company’s IT architecture

Naumen Business Service Monitoring (BSM)

Business Service Monitoring is a solution, which integrates metrics of a company’s digital infrastructure and IT services and delivers real data into ITIL® processes that a company runs. Naumen BSM enables you to get a true picture of IT architecture and switch from situational reactions on the infrastructure incidents to a proactive management, including forecasting of future failures via machine learning technologies.

Naumen BSM is an umbrella-type monitoring solution. It is an aggregation center that consolidates all available data on provided digital services, integrates them with service support process metrics, flexibly traces and reacts to deviations via ITIL® processes. This solution is based on Naumen SMP and Naumen DAP platforms designed to build flexible processes to manage IT activities of companies.

Naumen BSM is listed in the Unified Register of Russian Computer Software under RF Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications.

Naumen BSMbenefits

Uses industry standards and best worldwide practices to implement a service approach
Allows connections to your own analytical tools
Is based on advanced technologies and methods (ML, Data Science, DevOps, etc.)
Integrates closely with IT management processes based on ITIL®
Is 100% Russian solution, which does not depend on software supplied by Western vendors
Is targeted to business clients and managers, not to technical specialists
Uses predictive analytics
Delivers high performance and supports geographical distribution
Provides umbrella-type monitoring with reference to ITIL® management processes, such as management of IT assets, configuration, catalogues and service levels, incidents, problems, availability, integrity, development (DevOps).

Scope of use

Provides umbrella-type monitoring of large IT architectures

Collecting, processing and integrating data (monitoring metrics) from heterogeneous monitoring tools of a company’s IT architecture. Allows collecting data about IT asset usage and IT asset inventory based on data, obtained from monitoring systems.

Comprehensive View of IT Services

It is an automated detection of relationships and dependencies between the elements of the IT landscape based on information from monitoring systems to build viable resource and service models (RSM) and obtain a 360-degree view for every IT service.

Monitors Data Processing Centers

Expanding server and software status data by technological infrastructure data, including data of SCADA systems. Integrating virtual system management data, communication channels, power supply, etc. into an unified system that manages a data processing center.

Provides proactive reaction

Predictively analyzing incoming data, searching anomalies and blow-outs to identify deviations at the earliest stages and notifying responsible engineers. Forecasting infrastructure failures.

Naumen BSM in figures

Handles 20+ objective data sources in IT infrastructure

Forecasts up to 30% of infrastructure incidents in 1 hour prior to their occurrence
Improves quality of IT services by 20%
Reduces monitoring system notifications by up to 50%
Reduces missed incidents by 100%

Solution infrastructureand integration capabilities

  • Monitoring systems: Zabbix, nagios, PRTG, SolarWinds, CA Spectrum, Naumen Network Manager, etc.
  • Management systems: VMWare vCenter/vCloud, NetApp OnCommand Unified Manager, Huawei eSight, etc.
  • Inventory systems: Microsoft SCCM, INITI SOLO, Naumen Network Manager, etc.
  • An arbitrary data source, which supports HTTP/DBMS connections or ESB (Artemis, Apache Kafka, etc.), or data lake (Hadoop, Clickhouse, etc.)


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