Naumen BPM
Efficient company management
through business process automation

Business process automation

Naumen BPM software is designed to automate and manage enterprise business processes (Business Process Management, BPM).

Naumen BPM helps to:

  • Structure and formalize company’s processes
  • Track progress of automated business processes at any stage (statuses, transitions, metrics, etc.)
  • Solve complex non-standard tasks of process automation, which is impossible to execute using prepackaged products
  • Monitor process progress and task completion as parts of launched business processes and make changes of the company’s processing activities based on them
  • Integrate separate IT systems by implementing end-to-end business processes, identify duplicates and bottle-necks, etc.

Process management approach

Naumen BPM helps to ensure fulfilment of any processes with multiple stages like getting new subscribers by a telecom provider, reviewing bank loan applications, processing customer complaints in service companies or consumer requests in public utilities, as well as manage any internal processes in a company’s business unit or among them.

It uses a process management approach that enables to design and set up business processes of any complexity and degree of branching.

A set of built-in tools of Naumen BPM facilitates quick automation: from designing process models via graphic visual environment, developing transition chains, making up responsibility matrices, elaborating implementation scenarios and other required operations to execution, monitoring, optimization and improvement of processes in general.

Managing business processes using Naumen BPM


Eliminates the need of using programming languages to design business processes. Analysts can plan process activities directly in the system.

After identifying the general process scope:

  • a sequence of the process stages is determined;
  • process participants are specified;
  • process workflow is set up;
  • data required for correct process execution are defined.

Provides convenient tools and visual environment for initial configuration of automated business processes, simplifies the implementation stage as well as cuts costs for further support of changes.


A business process is executed based on a designed model. Subject to the given logics, a list of tasks is automatically generated for process participants depending on achieving of this or that stage.

You can always know and trace, which process stages are already «closed», what steps were already finished and what are to make, or where and who blocked a process at present.

At the same time the system always notifies users about this or that event by sending appropriate notifications.


Naumen BPM provides tools to control task completion while launched business processes are in progress. By tracking given metrics and parameters it helps to identify, for example, potentially non-optimal steps or unnecessary links in the transition chains, find bottle-necks as well as define activities that block the process progress or points of concern.


Process templates are changed «on the fly»: you can adjust both separate phases /steps or totally rearrange the process scenario, which facilitates flexible adaptation of the IT system to changing conditions and any possible process modifications in a company.

Integration with corporate systems

You can use integration services as a part of the automated process to transmit and receive data from the company’s external and internal systems as well as to connect other analytical tools.

The solution package may be completed by an enterprise service bus for systematic interaction with other software.

Synergy with Naumen solutions

When Naumen BPM is used jointly with other NAUMEN solutions it solves a wider scope of tasks related to execution and control of business processes in heterogeneous environments.

Naumen Contact Center

Recording and processing requests in contact centers in cases when it is required to execute business processes to prepare responses to requests.

Notifying customers by voice and text about events related to the business process of request fulfillment or case resolution.

You can expand capabilities of the process execution by enabling functions of the «classical» document management: record-keeping for incoming and outgoing documents as well as arranging their movement inside a company.

Naumen AI

By using together with solutions based on machine learning and Big Data technologies a series of operations (routing, response preparations, etc.) is executed fully automatically or with restricted human participation.

Naumen BI

By integrating with BI platform business processes data are combined with data from other sources; being processed, these data are delivered through the user-friendly interface for comprehensive analysis.

Naumen DAP

By using in common with an intelligent monitoring platform execution of business processes is initiated when certain events occur in external systems and services.

Base system platform

Naumen BPM is based on Naumen SMP, a flexible platform which enables to configure and run applicable processes in any business environment. Capabilities of the platform has been proved by thousands of simultaneously working users dealing with millions of database entries. NAUMEN has been certified by Russian Federal Technical and Export Control Agency for development and production of confidential information protection software.


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