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Naumen WFM


Implementation of the Naumen Workforce Management system in the contact center of the Avon beauty company in Russia


Reduced time spent on human resource management

90% accurate planning of agents workload

Company profile

The Avon Company («Avon») is a full-service international beauty company founded in 1886 and present in more than 50 countries. Avon’s business includes their own production, supply chain, distribution, marketing and sales units, as well as global Research and Development centre creating world beauty innovations. Avon has been operating in Russia since 1992. Today we are the number 1 company in the Russian cosmetics direct sales market with 99 percent brand recognition.

Project description

The system automatically builds a schedule for 70 Avon contact center agents in compliance with labor law. Thanks to the functionality of the flexible planning and customization of non-standard distribution of days off, manual adjustment of schedules became unnecessary.

Avon is committed to digitalization and uses new technologies to improve business performance. Before Naumen WFM implementation, we mainly scheduled work of our agents manually using spreadsheets. Now, we can more efficiently and accurately build our contact center business processes and manage data on incoming calls.

Marina Svettsova
Senior Customer Service Manager, Avon Russia

Project results

Cooperation with NAUMEN has allowed the company to improve the accuracy of agent workload planning up to almost 90 percent. Naumen WFM solution forecasts Avon contact center interactions based on historical data and determines the best schedule. Due to tracking actual workload online and through punctuality reports, the staff develops a responsible attitude to the workflow. The system implements additional features for managing agents: an employee can independently schedule, request a day off, or exchange shifts with colleagues. The project has reduced the number of programs for creating schedules, significantly accelerated and simplified interaction between agents and supervisors.

Contact center agents should be motivated to keep improving their skills. Making progress in this direction allows them to feel valued and involved. The Naumen WFM platform is not only a planning and optimization tool, but it also helps to increase loyalty, stimulate and develop employees, which becomes especially relevant with the boom in working remotely.

Roman Belyaev
Head of WFM at Naumen


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